nyc affordable – How much is a membership to the gym at Chelsea Piers?? Other NYC gym info as well, please???

by postman on January 26, 2012

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Question by PianoPianoPiano: How much is a membership to the fitness center at Chelsea Piers?? Other NYC fitness center info as well, please???
I am moving to NYC and I’m just curious about the gym situation. Do people ever go operating outside? I figured that woudl be weird and perhaps not safe and I’m assuming every person just makes use of a fitness center?

I was checking out different gyms and I am getting trouble assessing which ones are good and also reasonably priced. I have heard diverse items about the Chelsea piers gym…it sure looks really good and I bet it’s really expensive, but I have read posts that say that it is “inexpensive”…does anybody know what their membership fee is????

Alos…if you can suggest any other gyms in NYC that are clean and inexpensive (tell me the value if you know it). Also…do you know of a location that delivers private trainers for a not-so-pricey cost?? I know I’m asking for a lot!! Thanks so significantly in advance!

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Answer by TELL ME!
Chelsea’s for a single person is: $ 169 per Month

Other Fitness center: Reed’s on 93rd Street:$ 165 Per Month

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